Learn real world skills while making a difference!

Change Agent: Improving the way America’s buildings consume energy. The AEM Internship program exists to empower youth to make a difference for the environment and to improve the future of energy management. High school students are given a step ahead in their future pursuits through professional training and a a real-world job position. We train tomorrow’s leaders.

Kenton County School District
New Energy Technology
Gresham Barlow School District
Roaring Fork School District
Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District

What’s in it for you?

If you’d like to earn money and an internship credit for a real job where you actually make a difference for the environment and the people you work with, the AEM Internship program is for you.

You will learn:

  • An advanced and user-friendly energy management software program
  • How to read energy data and generate reports
  • How to make recommendations to onsite facility managers based on these reports
  • How to conduct a high-impact online professional webinar
  • How to manage professional projects
  • How to make professional presentations

You will gain:

  • Real-world knowledge of the energy management industry
  • Insight into how a facility consumes energy
  • Conservation knowledge that applies to all aspects of your life
  • Professional communication skills
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Valuable experience to boost your résumé or college application
As an AEM Intern, I have instant gratifications that the work I am doing is making a difference. This practical energy management program using technology and communication really works!

- Roger, AEM Intern

This unique internship goes beyond being an excellent addition to one’s college resume, for it enables the student to avoid menial tasks that are associated with other internships open to high school students, and instead promotes an actual job simulated workplace where students contribute just as much as other employees in the company.

- Nishi, AEM Intern

AEM is a great opportunity for getting community service hours while also making a real impact by saving energy on a large scale. It’s also a great opportunity to gain real world experience by having a real paying job. I get treated like an employee with real responsibilities. It’s fantastic to get involved in an area that is so interesting—saving energy by changing behaviors—while helping the community.

- Pranay, AEM Intern

How does the program work?

The program begins with the AEM Bootcamp, a summer training program from Monday, June 26 - July 28. This will require 8-12 hours per week as you develop core energy management skills.

After completion you will then become a valued member of New Energy Technology (NET)’s data coaching team, delivering energy management and conservation services to multiple clients. You will work remotely with these clients using online software, which will also allow you a flexible work schedule.

Most facility operators are busy onsite, quickly bouncing from one task to the next. They don’t always have the time required to analyze how their facility is using energy. That’s where you and your new NET team members come in. You make identifying and eliminating energy waste easy, simple and fun for the facility operators and occupants.

Your clients range from retail store managers, school district energy managers, to school principals and custodians. You and your NET team provide weekly performance reports and, when appropriate, help create action plans to eliminate energy waste.

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How can you make a difference with AEM?

Organizations will be more efficient because of you.

You’ll be involved in a real-life, on-the-job work experience providing significant value to multiple clients by eliminating energy waste, lowering energy costs and reducing the negative impact energy waste has on our environment.

Do you know why we offer these incredible opportunities to students?
Because students get results!

ENERGY STAR Inspires Change!

AEM Interns make an impact in Washington D.C.

"Attending the ENERGY STAR Awards Banquet in Washington, DC was very inspiring. We have so much respect for the ENERGY STAR Partners like JCPenney, Kenton County School District and Gresham-Barlow School District, who are working so hard to reduce energy consumption. It was an honor to meet the leaders of ENERGY STAR like Jean Lupinacci (Chief, ENERGY STAR Commercial and Industrial Branch), Gina McCarthy (Administrator of EPA) and Katy Hatcher (Director of Education) to experience the enthusiasm of so many partners coming together to celebrate their energy-saving accomplishments over the past year."
-Tavia, AEM Intern

"Coming home we have a renewed passion to inspire our clients to save even more energy in their schools and retail buildings. Using the ENERGY STAR guidelines and tracking performance with ENERGY STAR Scores, we empower and inspire our clients to continuously improve."
-Fiona, AEM Intern

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