Case Study: 2978-Cincinnati, OH

Enjoying Consistent Savings
and a Chance to Help Youth Succeed

To help keep energy costs down, JCPenney is piloting an enhancement to its Advanced Energy Management (AEM) program with New Energy Technology (NET) at approximately 75 Stores. This pilot brings aboard AEM Energy Captains, high school student interns from across the country who are rigorously trained through AEM Boot Camp by NET. These AEM Energy Captains provide General Managers a detailed AEM Weekly Financial Report summarizing their store’s weekly energy cost compared to their budget—including 15-minute Interval Data graphs showcasing where the store is saving electricity, and possibly wasting electricity. This Weekly Financial Report makes electricity use visible, relevant, and it empowers the General Manager to effectively manage this controllable expense.


AEM Energy Captain

Bill Birk, GM of Store 2978-Cincinnati, OH, saved over $9,000 last year and today this store remains 22% under budget. Bill attributes this success to working with his assigned team of AEM Energy Captains such as Ben, a high school student from Bellevue, WA.

Bill BirkBill Birk, GM of 2978-Cincinnati, OH (since this story he has moved to store 1899-Cincinnati, OH)

Bill receives a Weekly Financial Report from Ben that summarizes the store’s weekly energy cost compared to budget. In addition, energy use changes are identified from comparing IDR data graphs with Store Scheduler operating schedules.

“Ben and I review the data together to find opportunities to save energy. I can then adjust equipment schedules accordingly to save on expenses,” said Bill.

Additionally, Bill likes helping a young person prepare for the real world by learning professional skills. He is also impressed by how thoroughly trained these students are.

“I try to ask questions with the interns, so I get a feel for their level of understanding. I’m pleased to report that their answers are always 100% accurate and professional. They are eager to shares the results—whether positive or revealing an opportunity to save more.”

“This program is a great example of building talent and helping an intern figure out what they want to do,”

Bill continued. “And by analyzing results, they get to see the benefits of the actions we have taken.”

“I highly recommend this program, and for more than just information. I think [GMs] should also ask questions and engage with their AEM Energy Captain to help build their ability to effectively communicate in a professional setting.”

It is clear that Bill not only values good management of a store’s resources, but also the chance to work for a company that cares about the environment and its community.

“Love the [JCPenney] Energy Team. They have the stores’ best interests in mind, which only makes our store more profitable and safer to work in.”

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