Case Study: 0781-Tulsa, OK

AEM Energy Captain Interns
Make Management Transitions Easier

To help keep energy costs down, JCPenney is piloting an enhancement to its Advanced Energy Management (AEM) program with New Energy Technology (NET) at approximately 75 Stores. This pilot brings aboard AEM Energy Captains, high school student interns from across the country who are rigorously trained through AEM Boot Camp by NET. These AEM Energy Captains provide General Managers a detailed AEM Weekly Financial Report summarizing their store’s weekly energy cost compared to their budget—including 15-minute Interval Data graphs showcasing where the store is saving electricity, and possibly wasting electricity. This Weekly Financial Report makes electricity use visible, relevant, and it empowers the General Manager to effectively manage this controllable expense.


AEM Energy Captain

Yolvonda Coleman, AMM serving as interim GM of Store 0781-Tulsa, OK, enjoying her store’s $21,242 in energy cost avoidance last year and today the store remains 14% below budget. She attributes these considerable savings to the stores outgoing general manager, Morgan Bishop (who has moved to store 2237 - Tulsa OK), and the stores team of AEM Energy Captains such as Caleb, a high school student from Kenton County Academies, KY.

0781 Store FrontStore 0781-Tulsa, OK

Every week, Caleb sends the management team a Weekly Financial Report that showcases the store’s weekly energy cost compared to budget, complete with Interval Data (IDR) graphs that illustrate energy usage in 15-minute intervals and compare the data to the same day of the previous year. This way, usage anomalies can be easily spotted and investigated to see if there is an operational or equipment issue that is causing an energy spike.

When Yolvonda was serving in a temporary leadership position while the store was in transition, she expressed how much she appreciated having an AEM Energy Captain to keep track of this information for her.

“We’ll take all the help we can get. It’s one less thing to put energy into so we can keep up with the rest of the day,” she said.

Yolvonda also appreciates the opportunity JCPenney provides in helping high school students develop confidence and professionalism.

“I think this program is amazing. It’s good to help community youth, to help them grow and learn more about life and business and being a young adult.

The newly-arrived GM, Jason Stoltz, agrees.

“An initiative like this is super fantastic. We can do something outside the box to help save energy and I’m all for helping youth succeed. I hope more stores can get on board with this.”

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