AEM Intern Case Study

AEM Interns Provide Actionable
Information At Your Fingertips

To help keep energy costs down, one of our partners is thriving with our Advanced Energy Management (AEM) program. This program brings aboard AEM Interns, high school students from across the country who are rigorously trained through AEM Boot Camp by NET. These AEM Interns provide General Managers a detailed AEM Weekly Financial Report summarizing their store’s weekly energy cost compared to their budget—including 15-minute Interval Data graphs showcasing where the store is saving electricity and possibly wasting electricity. This Weekly Financial Report makes electricity use visible, relevant and it empowers the General Manager to effectively manage this controllable expense.


AEM Energy Captain

No one has to tell this General Manager that good energy management improves a store’s budget. He’s seen it happen himself!

General Manager“Good energy management can improve a store’s budget!”

After coming to his store a year and a half ago, a General Manager who has asked not to be named, discovered the HVAC kept running even after the store was unoccupied. By fixing this scheduling issue and keeping tabs on his store’s energy consumption throughout the day, he has helped the store’s ENERGY STAR score climb from 53 to 66!

By the end of Period 9, the GM was able to keep his store more than 10% under budget. This yielded a $2,507 savings compared to same period last year! He gives credit to his AEM Intern, for keeping him updated on his energy use through Weekly Performance Reports.

He appreciates having his store’s energy use information so easily accessible. “I don’t have to spend time looking for it,” he explained. “Each week it takes me less than a minute to see how my store is doing. Then I can challenge my leaders to save energy, too.”

“I want to thank my AEM Intern for all she does,” he continued. “It really helps to have a quick glance at the data she sends so I can address any problems quickly. I also like knowing that we’re giving a chance for high school students to get real-world, hands-on experience instead of going home right after school and playing video games. It’s good for them and it’s good for us.”

“This Intern program is definitely a time-saver, and it reduces your expenses so it’s good for your bottom line.”

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