Faster Results and Heightened Accountability:

How an AEM intern enhanced River Ridge Elementary’s winter break shutdown.

In Kenton County School District (KCSD), “Break Shutdown” is recognized as the ideal time to eliminate energy waste. This is because during unoccupied school breaks, more equipment can be shut off or set to a minimum.

AEM intern Pranay knew this, and was ready to tackle the upcoming Break Shutdown with his building manager mentor, Aaron Earls of River Ridge Elementary. Armed with Interval Data that reported the performance of River Ridge’s previous year’s winter break, Pranay coordinated remotely with Aaron to work out a plan to improve upon last year’s performance.

Pranay set up weekly calls throughout the month leading up to Winter Break, discussing with Aaron about the building’s performance and capacity for savings over the break. Aaron taught Pranay the inner workings of his building while Pranay provided Aaron the data highlighting River Ridge’s potential for success and the target baseline for energy use.

After working together to develop a plan of action, which included engaging the entire school in conservation measures, River Ridge was able to save 31% in energy costs compared to the previous year. This generated a $986 savings for River Ridge!

“Winter break shutdown with an intern can open your eyes a bit more,” said Aaron. “You want to do better since you know someone else is watching and will want to talk to you about it! And it was nice to be able to go over the reports so quickly so we could see how we were doing.”

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