How an AEM Intern Helped Beechgove Elementary Save 15% More Over Winter Break.

Betty Roark, superstar building manager at Beechgrove Elementary School of KCSD, was determined to save more over 2015’s winter break than they had in 2014. To do this, Betty got busy familiarizing herself with the EnergyCenter software and Interval Data. For support, she worked with AEM intern, Nishi.

“Nishi and I talked about everything we could possibly turn off during the break, like all the computer monitors, coffee pots, mini refrigerators, and even water fountains and vending machines,” said Betty.

During their early morning calls, Nishi prepared various measurements of Betty’s success in conservation and presented energy data in ways that helped her track their progress and encourage her to keep saving every extra dollar.

“I’m always on the move, so it helps to work with a student that can report the data to me so I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to pull up the reports and analyze the numbers,” shared Betty. “Nishi explains the reports to me in a way I can understand right away, since she’s become so familiar with my position. It means a lot to me on this end to know that there’s someone who can quickly give me the information I need to get my job done most efficiently.”

And Betty was successful in more than just savings. Armed with projected data from Nishi, such as a target baseload, Betty effectively mobilized several people throughout the school in pursuit of sustainability and efficiency, spanning from Beechgrove students to administrators and teachers.

Much to Betty’s (and the school’s) delight, the results of 2015’s winter break shutdown revealed that not only did she reach the target baseload, she had far surpassed it! Nishi shared a graph that illustrated how her building was well below the target baseload for the majority of the break. This translated into a 15% energy use and cost savings. And since her building was already among the top performers in the district, these savings were particularly remarkable.

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