From Data to Doing: AEM Intern helps bridge the gap from raw data to implementing conservation tasks.

As an AEM Intern, working remotely with two separate schools in Kenton County School District, Roger was able to help drive down energy costs from miles away due to his training in data coaching.

While working with one of his mentors, Gary Treadway of Caywood Elementary, Roger helped make Gary’s Winter Break Shutdown of 2015 save 18% more energy than the previous year.

“Working with Roger, since he’s able to monitor the energy data so closely, I’m able to think about the data a bit more since it’s the focus of our interactions,” said Gary. “He definitely keeps me on my toes.”

Roger also worked with a Break Shutdown at Twenhofel Middle School with his other building manager mentor, Mike Lowe. “This has been my best break shutdown yet,” said Mike. “Due to what I’ve been able to see more closely in the energy data, thanks to my AEM Intern, Roger, I’ve started shutting down more appliances and lighting than what was previously expected of us. And this all because I was shown how much of a difference it really made.”

Over Winter Break, Mike posted 49% savings over last year and well over $1500 in savings over the span of 2 weeks.

Aside from the boost in energy efficiency, Mike has also reported a similar boost in the efficiency of his daily tasks due to Roger’s cooperation. “He’s really showed me the ropes of the EnergyCenter’s features. I’m able to dive a bit deeper into the data than I would otherwise.”

“It’s also nice that I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to sit down and figure out every single savings opportunity—there just isn’t time. But now, Roger’s already got data to share,” Mike continued. “And it’s fun to look at data from all the schools in the district, and we can see how everyone was doing with their own percentages. I can be competitive, and when we see other schools’ numbers, it makes me want to do better!”

Roger also appreciates working with these diligent building managers as mentors. “I’ve definitely learned the ropes of what it takes to manage a building. There is so much to think about—your job is never done!”

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