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General Manager

AEM Intern Case Study

AEM Interns Provide Actionable Information At Your Fingertips

No one has to tell this General Manager that good energy management improves a store’s budget. He’s seen it happen himself!...

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AEM Intern, from Kenton County Academies, Helps Store Leader Save Energy!

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From Data to Doing: AEM Intern helps bridge the gap from raw data to implementing conservation tasks.

As an AEM Intern, working remotely with two separate schools in Kenton County School District, Roger was able to help drive down energy costs from miles away due to his training in data coaching.

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How an AEM Intern Helped Beechgove Elementary Save 15% More Over Winter Break.

Betty Roark, superstar building manager at Beechgrove Elementary School of KCSD, was determined to save more over 2015’s winter break than they had in 2014. To do this, Betty got busy familiarizing herself with the EnergyCenter software and Interval Data. For support, she worked with AEM intern, Nishi.

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Faster Results and Heightened Accountability:

How an AEM intern enhanced River Ridge Elementary’s winter break shutdown.

In Kenton County School District (KCSD), “Break Shutdown” is recognized as the ideal time to eliminate energy waste. This is because during unoccupied school breaks, more equipment can be shut off or set to a minimum.

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